Greenbean Scientific

Stores that are well managed and maintained can provide the potential for shelf life extension, control of pest and disease incidence as well as maintaining high level of quality characteristics by reducing physiological disorders.

CASE STUDY – Stone fruit growers and packers in Chile
We made recommendations to several growers and packers of peaches and nectarines in Chile whose product was arriving in the UK with high levels of chilling injury. Following advice on storing their product at the correct temperature they have noted a significant reduction in wastage due to this physiological disorder. Our recommendations were extended to the shipment of their produce to long distance markets.

We can provide practical advice on:

  • Design of refrigeration including evaporative cooling
  • Management of colds stores and controlled atmosphere stores
  • Technologies to reduce losses in store such as ethylene and spore scrubbers, ozone, sulphur dioxide treatments
  • Storage recommendations, namely: temperature, humidity, MAP, CA
  • Hygiene protocols