Greenbean Scientific

Greenbean can provide advice on all aspects of handling, processing and transporting produce and our goal is to help those involved in the supply chain reduce waste and move fresh, high quality produce through to market efficiently.

We understand the benefits that high quality handling and processing can have in terms of increasing yield, reducing wastage, building customer confidence and creating and maintaining a sustainable business. Greenbean can address discreet areas and issues or, if required, review the processes and the various interfaces between activities in your full supply chain. Our logical, structured approaches are designed to provide solutions that are both comprehensive and cost effective.

To support and improve your business we can undertake projects and offer advice in the following key Produce Supply Chain areas:

  • Grower effectiveness
  • Packhouse and Processing
  • Storage
  • Transportation
  • Retail environment
  • Packaging

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In addition, when required, we can offer services from our own quality assessment, microbiology and chemistry laboratories and we have access to specialised or GLP compliant analysis. We can also access shelf-life and packhouse facilities to support trials.