Greenbean Scientific

Greenbean offers a bespoke consultancy and R&D service to technology companies and the wider fresh produce sector. Our mission is to help our clients bring to market new postharvest technologies in a cost-effective manner. This includes companies who are looking to tailor their existing technologies to new markets.

We work closely with our clients to understand their goals, the needs of their customers and target market. We design, conduct and manage R&D trials in a collaborative manner. Our blend of scientific expertise and industry experience helps us to think creatively and bring a fresh and practical approach to our work, all underpinned by using scientific methodology.

We have direct experience in the development of postharvest technologies (see People and Experience menu) and understand the processes involved in transforming an idea into a commercial product in a cost effective manner. We have also worked with technology providers in a number of sectors of the fresh produce industry. To give you a flavour of the type of R&D investigations we can offer please click on the submenu on the left of the screen.

Greenbean has its own well equipped laboratories, for microbiology, produce quality assessment and chemistry. We also have our own suite of bespoke temperature controlled rooms, based at a local packhouse, and can locally access large scale temperature controlled and CA facilities, commercial packhouses and refrigerated containers. (see Facilities)

The above facilities allow us to offer the following services:

  • Produce quality assessment
  • Storage & shelf-life trials
  • Identification of produce defects (physiological, mechanical, pests & diseases)
  • Microbial bioassays and challenge tests
  • Environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen, ethylene, vibration, impact)
  • Produce quality chemical analysis
  • Sensory evaluation