Greenbean Scientific

We have seen first hand the impact of poor cultural practices and management on the quality and condition of produce on arrival at the destination market and the consequences in terms of high losses, loss of customer confidence and potentially loss of business.

CASE STUDY – Stone fruit producer in France
This grower was tasked by a major UK retailer to resolve the issue of a high level of rots that were developing when the product was in store which was leading to both high wastage and large numbers of customer complaints. Following an initial brief from our client we carried out a structured review of their operations which included onsite assessments and interviews with key personnel. It quickly became apparent that sub-standard pruning and poor field hygiene were major causes of their problem. Our simple, cost effective recommendations were followed and we supported the implementation which resolved their problem and allowed the grower to secure the business.

Using our knowledge of preharvest factors we can provide practical recommendations and training where required putting in place the foundations that ensure the delivery of a crop that meets market requirements and maximizes your profits.

The services we offer are: