Greenbean Scientific

Packaging plays an important role when it comes to protecting and handling fresh produce. Evaluating novel and innovative packaging is one of our great interests and areas of expertise. We’ve worked with a wide range of packaging companies who are looking to develop new applications for existing products and/or develop new solutions to the constraints facing the fresh produce industry i.e. reducing produce and packaging waste.

CASE STUDY – Developing a MAP retail pack for apples and pears
On behalf of a MAP manufacturer, we undertook R&D studies to determine the performance of a variety of films, with different gas transmission properties, in terms of optimizing fruit quality and shelf life of a range of commercially important apple and pear varieties.

CASE STUDY – Developing applications for active packaging materials
We have evaluated a number of innovative active packaging materials in relation to reducing the development of rots in grapes, berries and citrus. For example, we have worked with several start-up technology companies and large International companies looking to incorporate antimicrobial ‘actives’ in various packaging materials.

CASE STUDY – Absorbers, scavengers and generators
We have tested various prototype products aimed at absorbing ethylene, modifying the atmospheric gases (carbon dioxide and oxygen) and regulating moisture within packs.

Our team have experience with:

  • Biodegradable and recyclable films
  • Time-temperature indicators
  • Freshness indicators
  • Suspended tray packs to reduce mechanical/vibration damage