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Specialism: postharvest technology; postharvest handling and supply chain management; waste reduction; new product development; preservation technologies; packaging; outturn assessments; postharvest pathology; plant physiology; natural products chemistry.

Dr Taylor has worked for growers, packers, exporters, importers and processors of fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, coffee, cocoa and tea which stretches over 30 years and across 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Sarah’s work experience includes:

  • Postharvest specialist and manager of R&D programmes as part of the UK’s Department for International Development (12 years)
  • Consultant providing advice to stakeholders in the fresh produce supply chain on how to meet the requirements of the UK market, including advice on postharvest handling and shipment (5 years)
  • Advisor to technology companies in terms of optimizing their products; developing new applications and introducing their products to clients (5 years)
  • UK Technical Manager for a manufacturer of MAP (5 years)
  • Technical Development Manager to a company supplying fruit to key UK food retailers, looking at how technical innovations could benefit their business from new varieties through to optimizing ripening operations (5 years)
  • Managing director of NaturalApp Ltd. a company developing innovative postharvest treatments for reducing wastage in the fresh produce industry (3 years)

In the course of her career she has invented or co-developed various processes/products including an electronic nose for detecting fungal rots in fresh produce, a rapid screening process for selecting tea clones, a manufacturing process to optimise vanillin yield from vanilla beans and a novel postharvest technology based on phytochemicals for the control of commercially important plant pathogens.